riag Cu 385 - alkaline, cyanide-free bright copper process

11.01.2021 15:43:41

The riag Cu 385 bright copper process produces bright, shiny deposits on various base materials. The precipitates are active and can be further plated without any problems. As a cyanide-free electrolyte, it can be used in both barrel and rack processes! Perfect surfaces and adhesion on various base materials such as steel, brass and copper alloys, zinc die-cast, aluminium after zincate pickling and on selected stainless steels. Due to the fine and dense microstructure, the layers produced have very good corrosion resistance and hardness. The electrolyte is absolutely easy to conduct.

Only three components for make-up and maintenance:

  • riag Cu 385 Makeup liquid
  • riag Cu 385 Replenisher liquid
  • riag Cu 385 pH-Additive liquid

The cyanide-free riag Cu 385 offers the following advantages:


  • Eliminates hazards in the workplace and increases operational safety.
  • Dangerous formation of hydrocyanic acid is not possible
  • No cyanides in waste water and hazardous waste
  • No danger from cyanide in case of fire
  • No separate storage
  • Can be used for barrels and racks
  • Very good depth dispersion
  • Fine and dense grain structure of the layers
  • Can be used as intermediate layer or final layer
  • As there is no carbonate formation as with a cyanide(m) electrolyte, the service life is unlimited here
  • Disposal costs are greatly reduced




The Cu385 bright copper process is an established quality product that has been in great demand worldwide for many years due to its unique properties. The economic and ecological advantages of the process are not only easy on the budget but also reduce the burden on the environment.


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