Nickel and nickel alloys

Electroplated nickel is a coating consisting of pure nickel that is electrolytically deposited. Usually, multilayer systems such as Cu/Ni or Cu/Ni/Cr are deposited. Iron or steel can be protected against corrosion by applying a nickel layer. With so-called double nickel coatings it is possible to further increase corrosion protection. Electroplated nickel layers are generally used as optical corrosion protection layers or as a basis for subsequent soldering processes. Appropriate additives are added to the nickel electrolytes to produce high-gloss or matt-structured layers.


Nickel boric acid free (Rack or Barrel Plating)

Bright Nickel (Rack Plating)

Bright Nickel (Barrel Plating)

Semi Bright Nickel

Satin-Nickel (Rack Plating)

Satin-Nickel (Barrel Plating)

Nickel sulphur free

Nickel Sulfamate

Black Nickel (Rack or Barrel Plating)



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