Electroless nickel

In addition to high wear resistance, electroless nickel coatings offer excellent corrosion protection, depending on the phosphorus content (NiP alloy). In addition, the generated surface is conductive. One of the differences to electroplated nickel is that no external electrical current, for example from a rectifier, is used for deposition. The electrons required for the formation of the layer are supplied by means of a chemical redox reaction within the electrolyte itself. As a result, electroless nickel plating produces coatings that are veridical to their contours.


Prospectus DURNI-COAT

Stop Off Lacquer

Dispersion Layers Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Dispersion Layers Teflon (PTFE)

Aluminium and Steel (pre-nickel plating process)


Phosphorus Content of 3 - 9 %

Phosphorus Content of 9 - 12 %

Phosphorus Content of 10 - 14 %

Additive for static rinses



Price chart in $ per tonne

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